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Judging Criteria

Judging is based on stage presence, personality, overall appearance, eye contact, and smile.

We are looking for a well-rounded, beautiful contestant who is well poised and who has a great personality.

Grand Supreme: In order for a contestant to be eligible for the title of Grand Supreme, they must be registered for Beauty and ALL Optionals. There will be one Grand Supreme winner for the 0-9 age division and one for the 10-21 age division. The contestant with the highest cumulative score will be crowned Grand Supreme.

Makeup Guidelines: No flippers or false hair pieces will be allowed.The Director and staff have the right to ask and randomly check for flippers (false teeth) or falls and wiglets (fake hair pieces). Points will be deducted accordingly.

Clothing Guidelines: Have fun and make sure, when choosing your dress: remember that the girl needs to wear the dress. You don't want the dress to wear the girl.

Photogenic Guidelines: Bring your best photo to the registration table on the day of the pageant. Photos can be any size, but no larger then 8x10. Photos can be snapshots or professional. Collages and/or comp cards will not be accepted. No refunds will be given if suitable photos are not turned in at the registration table before the pageant begins. Photos can be picked up at the registration table at the end of the pageant. All photos are judged on facial beauty, first impression, and overall appearance.  

Our scoring system is based on non-comparison judging and is made up of the following scoring brackets:

1-3: Needs Improvement, was not prepared, possible attire change needed
4-6: Needs a Little More Practice, possible minor changes in attire needed, stage presence needs work
7-9: Little to No Improvement Needed, great stage presence and personality, well prepared, appropriate and well-fitting attire
10: Perfect, no suggestions for changes

Contestants receive the scores they deserve based on the above criteria. In the case of a tie, the facial beauty score is used to determine the outcome. If needed, the photogenic score will be used as well. There will be no ties for the Queen Title. Grand Supreme winners are determined by the contestant who has the highest total score (beauty and ALL optionals). There will be 1 Grand Supreme for 0-9 years and 1 Grand Supreme for 10-21 years.

Judges decisions will be accepted as official and final. 

Copies of scoresheets may be requested via our website or email. All requests must be received by 9/17/16 and please 10-15 business days for your request to be processed. Once all requests have been processed, all scoring materials will be shredded.

* Each age group will be limited to a maximum of 15 contestants. The Pageant Director reserves the right to combine age groups in any age division.

* Contestants MUST meet the requirements for each age division within 6 months following the date of the pageant. In the event that a parent/guardian/responsible party provides false or inaccurate application information, upon proven falsification, the contestant will be disqualified and any crown/title will be forfeited to the first runner-up.

* Escorts for children, who need them, are allowed. Escorts will NOT be taken into account for scoring. 

Appropriate attire for escorts may consist of:

Female escorts: Sunday dress, dress slacks, blouse, etc. Absolutely NO low neckline, see-through apparel, short skirts/shorts/dresses will be allowed.

Male escorts: Dress slacks, dress shirt, polo shirt, tux, etc.

* H & H Productions encourages friends and family to attend the Miss Rising Star Pageant, but at no time are they to visit backstage or in the dressing area with the contestants. Only ONE person per child will be allowed backstage and in the dressing area before, during, or after the pageant. This can be a parent or an escort, NOT both.

* Applications of all contestants will be kept confidential. Entry fees may be paid by cash, check, money order, or via PayPal. Checks must be made out to Lauren Holloway​ and mail to 149 Waters Edge Dr, Locust Grove, GA 30248. A $35 charge will be applied on all returned checks.